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Who Says You Can’t Throw Your Own Birthday Party?

August 15, 2011

Who Says You Can’t Throw Your Own Birthday Party?

One of my friends is having her own birthday luncheon party at a sophisticated downtown club in
New York. “My husband’s out of town, and I’m inviting 25 women to celebrate my
Birthday!” she said. How much fun is that?

When approaching my 60th birthday, I told my husband that I wanted a party. I really wanted
a surprise birthday party but feared that would not happen, and rather than be
disappointed, I asked for what I wanted. Celebrating with friends and being
surrounded by people I love and who I know love me is a value I have. My
husband asked what I wanted to do, and I realized I didn’t want to “do”
anything. I just wanted to celebrate and have fun.  I remembered my
fourteenth birthday party when my Mom invited my 8th grade class to
our home and everyone dressed for the occasion. That day still stands out for
me.  I got to be special.

My children and a dear girlfriend took the lead. I didn’t
have to design anything. I wanted to keep the day as close to a surprise as I
could. And a surprise it was. My sisters flew from Ohio and St. Louis to
celebrate with me.

The theme was “Queen for a Day”. My attire included a
scepter and giant blinking plastic diamond ring. Of course the guests played
their part and lavished me with gifts and praise. My biggest pleasure of
the day was being able to introduce my friends to each other as someone I love
and who loves me.

What do you do for yourself to celebrate with those special
women you love? What fun occasions have you put together to acknowledge and
appreciate yourself with those you care about?

Please share with us.


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  1. MargE Bhola permalink
    August 17, 2011 8:51 pm

    I love this! Way to take your birthday into your own hands. I really enjoy reading this blog and the conversations it creates. I think that my favorite part of this Women I Want to Grow Old with Conversation has been thinking about my friends and allowing them to be exactly where they are and accept the stages they are in… or the “circles” as you call them. It’s given me the room to not be upset and stressed about it.

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