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Seeing the Good in Others

October 17, 2011

Some days it’s not easy to see the good in anything. The
alarm didn’t go off. You haven’t exercised in a week, and your body is full of
aches and your spirits are down. Your children don’t call or seem to care. Your
significant other just told you they ‘re frustrated by you. And on and on and

Seeing the good in others is a simple but very powerful way
to feel happier and more confident in our lives and shift your focus from
what’s going wrong to what’s going right. When I focus on the good in others I
feel more loving – and I often receive the love I am yearning  for in return.

Many days, I find myself zooming through a large list of “to
do’s”. Once in a while, I slow down and step out of the bumper car and spend a
few moments being curious about the good qualities in another. This is what I
call a special time or a time of grace.

Recently, I took the time to
golf with a girlfriend. I’ve always admired her calm and “interested” demeanor.
No matter how small the detail, she
finds the conversation significant.  This
way of being really honors me. We shared the four-hour course, playing
“scoreless” golf and enjoying that we were able to navigate in and out of
conversation while moving our balls down the fairway. Martinis and dinner
brought yet another venue for valuing each other.

Whenever I’m with my “special” friend, I always know I’ll
leave content and appreciating our relationship. This is such a gift to me.

What do you do to support yourself in seeing the good in
others? How do you focus on and acknowledge the good in friends?

What you have to say is important and of value to so many of
us. Please take a moment to share with us.



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  1. October 17, 2011 7:29 pm

    Thanks for your delightful story, Margaret. I show appreciation to my friends by telling them that I appreciate them. I also send thank-you cards and friendship cards via snail mail. As convenient as e-mail or texting may be, it’s not nearly as personal as a stamped appreciation card.

    I think now in our super-busy world, hard-copy cards of appreciation mean a great deal to the recipient. I also feel good when I send them.

    Pat Rarus

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