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Walking and Talking With My Sister & Friend

June 3, 2012

Walking with my sister, Diane (l), and her dog Tango.

Guest Blog by Karen Hill

I am close to both of my sisters – and our relationships mean the world to me. My sister Diane and I have a unique and wonderful relationship. We are each other’s best friend, confidant, cheerleader and support system. We have always been very close but life circumstances over the last 10 years have brought us even closer.

It is rare that we go a day without talking and sometimes multiple times per day. When we both lived in San Diego we would often walk on the weekend to share our life stories. Over the years we have both moved and now are 1,000 miles apart so sharing our stories is usually done by telephone.

Recently, Diane suggested that we take a virtual walk using our cell phones and headsets. It has become a wonderful new tradition. We are both avid walkers so walking for an hour and being able to share the time with her is a wonderful treat. We often walk for over an hour and when we get done I still feel that there is more I wanted to discuss or things I forgot to say!

Having a sister who is also your best friend is one of life’s blessings that can’t be understated. I love Diane and Kathy so very much!

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