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The Power of Female Friendships in a Health Crisis

June 10, 2012

Diane and Margaret

I say that women are the backbone of health. This belief surfaced in the most supportive way in dealing with my husband’s recent health challenge. My family and I suddenly found ourselves making life- supporting decisions. We were confronted with heart disease and what next steps to take. While my family, as always, was there in a most supportive way, what touched me the most was the interest and care expressed by my “women friends”.

I must admit that I initially was in an “I’ll take care of this myself” mode, I did make an adjustment since I am committed to having women in my life who I can count on for support and who know they can count on me. With that in mind, I began calling and emailing friends letting them know what was happening in my life and asking for prayers and good energy and anything else they might think I could need.

The wishes and support came flooding in immediately. One friend reminded me that she was on the board of the hospital where my husband was staying and would make an intervention. Another friend was on the horn to a cardiac physician that we both knew bringing her expertise in integrative medicine. My dear friend, Francie, sent her husband over to see us ASAP as he had undergone open heart surgery a few years ago. His support was very comforting and the immediate action made the whole experience more bearable. My co-author, Diane, was “Johnny on the spot” connecting us with nurses and doctors who are experts in the cardiac field. The list of supportive action and heartfelt concern goes on and on.

The entire experience was one of community and love. In a moment of potential crisis, the sense of partnership and unity brought calm and clarity. It’s human to feel alone and lonely in life and to doubt that there is anyone who really cares. Experiences like this one forever dissolve those feelings. I will never forget this out-pour of love from my women friends. Today I enjoy a renewed appreciation of the many women in my life that I proudly and lovingly call my friends. They are truly the women I want to grow old with.

Perhaps you have a story that acknowledges the women in your life, who will drop everything to support you. We invite you to share it and to use the opportunity to express your love and appreciation for these friends you want to grow old with.

Thank you!

Ravi and Margaret


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  1. June 10, 2012 1:27 pm

    Thank you, Margaret, for sharing this heart-warming story. I am so glad that Ravi received the best of care!

    Thanks also to Diane for her medical connections, which, I am sure,
    helped a great deal.

    Pat Rarus

  2. Nancy Freimark permalink
    June 10, 2012 2:37 pm

    This is a heart-warming story and one that reminds me of my own experience not too long ago.

    What my health care journey revealed to me was just how quickly my wonderful sister friends were to protectively closed ranks around me and be a positive force when things were overwhelmingly complicated. From all over the country, loving support poured in and Diane was part of that miracle network. These friends were a blessing that provided me with strength and determination when I needed it most.

    When my doctors said “Don’t worry, we’ll take good care of you” they were talking about the care of my body and they did a fabulous job. When my friends said “Don’t worry, we’ll take good care of you”, they were tending to my mind and spirit. Without them, I would not have been able to find my inner warrior.

    My sister friends keep me strong, focused and healthy in mind and spirit. Together, we were a powerful team that beat the odds.

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