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Hull’s Garden Gals

June 24, 2012

By Guest Blogger Liz Kay

For more than two dozen plus years, my four dear women friends have gathered to sail together along the coast of Maine. We have diligently carved three days and two nights from our full and abundant lives to share this sailing time together. We’re so fortunate to sail on a lovely 43-foot sloop, Passage, a 50th birthday gift to my friend Susan. She’s provided us wonderful sails, sheltered us from all kinds of weather, and taken us in and out of fog and around ledges in Penobscot Bay and other environs.

Glorious meals, fine wine, laughter, and tears have been had among the four of us in Passage’s cockpit. We’ve watched stars and northern lights together; we’ve witnessed many of life’s good times and harder times as well. And, we keep moving forward together. Not always in complete sync, but with great respect and honor.

A few years ago, a Labor Day hurricane moving along the east coast kept us in harbor. Using the name, Hurricane Gals, we turned our focus on renovating and painting the first floor of Cate’s house! We were like a hurricane for 48 hours—shedding old stuff, boxing kids posters and school projects from days gone by, and painting and sprucing up the house. A wonderful adventure.

So this year my business travel was really pushing on my calendar, and with a pending sailing trip scheduled, I called in for a possible Plan B. On top of a demanding job and travel schedule, I had offered to put my home in the local garden show. Knowing how precious our sailing trip is, I hesitated for a few weeks before calling in Plan B. Honestly between travel and business pressures, driving five hours to Maine and hopping on a boat, even with dear friends, did not seem like fun. Lately, I find my level of patience for myself has lessened and my need for quiet downtime in more demand. So, I muscled the courage to call in.

“How about the three of you come to Hull?” I asked, speaking of my town down on the water’s edge just south of Boston. “I have a bunch of weeding, cleaning, raking, and pruning projects. Might we switch the plan?”

So Susan, Cate, and Sid showed up with gardening gloves in hand for a 24-hour visit. Following our work time, we sat on the patio looking out on the water…my little cockpit. I felt so pleased my dear friends could tack to windward from our planned course. I’m grateful for their understanding and continued respect for each other. As life continues to throw good times and harder times along our journey, I know they will be there.

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