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Yoga Friendships as Rock Solid as a Mountain Pose!

July 1, 2012

Guest Blog by Elizabeth Siamas

Elizabeth, now studying to be a master yoga teacher, hiking with her son Will.

It’s such a gift to find girlfriends in a place you least expect to. Ten years ago I showed up to a yoga class provided by a city recreation department. I didn’t have high hopes for the class. My sister had invited me to join, and she was a beginning yogi.  I was concerned the class would not be enough for me because I was more advanced in my practice, but I was also intent on supporting her as she tried something new.

Little did I know that walking into that class would be such a gift. I had an immediate connection with the teacher – I loved her warm, casual style, and she struck a perfect balance between challenging physical practice and spiritual growth. Because the class met at the same time each week, you saw the same people, and it was very easy to be comfortable and friendly with those around you. Within a few weeks a group of us that ranged in ages and backgrounds formed, and we would stay after class to share our experiences in the class, as well as share our stories from outside of class. Often our teacher would stay too. We quickly became good girlfriends.

A good yoga class can be therapeutic, energizing, and healing in the most profound ways. When those blissful experiences are shared with girlfriends, I believe the positive benefits you feel are compounded.

This group of us signed on for the next session of classes, and the next session, and the next session. We even met outside of class for private outdoor practice with our instructor.

Over time, life did get in the way of us meeting regularly in the same class. But our connections with one another remain as rock solid as mountain pose.  I can’t practice yoga without thinking of these women, and when I do, I am filled with gratitude for the gift of their friendship.

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  1. July 1, 2012 4:36 pm

    It is always wonderful to make connections with other women when you least expect it. One of my closest friends is a patient at our dental practice. She and her husband are both retired educators, as is my husband. I felt an immediate connection with them both and knew my husband would too. It took me a few months but I finally got up the courage to ask them to “go on a date” with my husband and I. From that time on she and I have had a wonderful relationship filled with many wonderful memories.

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