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Sharing Special Places

September 3, 2012

Sharing Special Places with Special Friends

My husband and I share an appreciation of the desert. Several years ago we bought a timeshare in Palm Desert. Living in San Diego makes it so easy to spend time there. For us the desert is a way of interrupting the everyday pace of life. We particularly like to share our desert get-away with friends and family.

The conversation “Women I Want to Grow Old With” coupled with the majestic, grounded feeling of the desert mountains leaves me present to the gift of my female friendships. The mountains stand tall and ageless. Their quiet beauty surrounds me with a feeling of strength and power. While unique, each peak and terrace reminds me of the women in my life and their contribution over the years.

I’m thankful that I have this special place to share with them, to design special moments inside of and to create memories that will carry us throughout the years to come.

One visit to the desert with a dear friend resulted in the two of us buying a condo together. She had always wanted to own her own home but hadn’t been able to work out the details and do it by herself. We decided on that special desert get away to buy a place together and we did! What a joy to support a friend in making a dream come true.

Margaret, Sandy & Penny in Greece

What are the “special places” in your life that you like to share? What aspect of friendship gets magnified in that “special place”?

We love hearing and learning from each other. Thank you in advance for being someone willing to share and contribute.


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  1. Sandy Golnick permalink
    September 3, 2012 7:51 pm

    Such perfect timing for this photo, Margaret. Wish you were going to be with us. Penny and I will be back in Greece on the 17th of Sept. near Mt. Olympus. We’ll think of you and talk about the fun day we spent on our trip the last time with you. Much love, sister. Sandy

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