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Thanksgiving Sets the Pace

November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Sets the Pace

Doesn’t Thanksgiving set the pace for the Holidays? It always does for me. This special day of gratitude gets me grounded in the true bounties of life.  Health, family and friends are the top runners in my list.

Thanksgiving is a prime opportunity for service in our family. My daughters and I plan the meal of celebration with deliberation and intention. Traditions and values abound. Everyone’s “favorites” are taken into consideration and requests are honored. My daughters want sweet potatoes but one likes them with walnuts and the other does not so I am always sure to have both versions on the Thanksgiving table. MargE, my youngest daughter, knows that we will always have pumpkin pie and that it will be Mom’s recipe only. Elizabeth, the eldest, places importance on the quality of our special Bird of the Day. This year she went so far as to raise her own organic, free range turkey for our festive occasion.

While men have their Thanksgiving meal roles, it’s definitely the women’s day to plan and execute. Key to success of the day is our family rituals. We begin with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and the smell of giblets cooking on the stove. Cranberries are no longer jellied but smack of a tart fresh taste with just the right amount of sweetness. Experiences of the past unfold almost effortlessly. Piano tunes play in the background. My daughters and I work in harmony to produce the perfect space of festivity and service.

Of course sometimes there’s a snag here or there but the importance of day and its value always wins out. We’re all on good behavior.  It’s a day of Thanksgiving after all.

Appreciating and experiencing the love between sisters, mother and daughters trumps everything though. We are thankful that this celebration brings us together no matter what the distance, physical or otherwise. Our friendship runs deep and can’t be messed with. There is no doubt that we are women growing older together and enjoying the blessings of the relationships.

What is your particular expression of gratitude on the designated Day of Thanksgiving? Please share with us. I know we can find ourselves in each other’s stories and they will enhance the experience and sacredness of the day.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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